A place, where peaple help each other to become closer to dreams and get a real chance to fulfil them together. Realize your dream or help others!

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IMPORTANT! You can withdraw your ante(s) back at any time before reaching the required amount or actual drawing. If you are no longer passionate in the dream, you can simply return your money back to you card or PayPal through the personal page, We trust you.


Our service is based on a People-to-People model. Crowdfunders raise money for things they dream of, and then by blind lot that prize goes to one of them. We ensure honesty, transparency and publicity of this process. You can participate and win or help other wishful people to become closer to dreams. Get lucky chance or help your neighbors to get it.

How It Works

You select the trophy either purse from the list below which corresponds to your dream

Crowfund an equal share of the entire cost of the chosen option on a par with other participants

payment safety is secuired by PayPal

As soon as the necessary amount is raised, you'll take part in an auto online clear drawing

Discover Your Lucky Chance and win your prize or rejoice when someone wins

payment safety is secuired by PayPal
transparency of the drawing is ensured by

We give an opportunity for those, who believe in a chance. The value of the prize, amount is equal to the aggregate of contributions from all the participants. Several people chip in to get a chance to win something precious.

Trust us

Fair Chances

Awesome Prizes

Payment Safety

Live Drawings

Simple Logic

180 people have already taken part in the drawings minimum 3 public drawings weekly <4 valuable prizes and things

All of us have hard-to-reach or expensive dreams, which surpasses our financial capabilities. Singly, we can't collect the needed sum. Unite with cognate people and have a whip-round the equal parts of the amount; become a holder of your dream after a fair drawing.

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